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Premiere Pro Tutorial: Pull Selects Faster Than Ever!

When you’re going through b-roll to pull selects, a few simple keyboard shortcuts can save you a ton of time. Get the scoop in this Premiere Pro tutorial.

Pulling selects in Premiere “the Avid way.”

I’ve seen people posting about this and wanted to know how to do this myself, if it was even possible. There have been some explanations on here, but I don’t think they were literal/specific enough. I found this article and there are a few points to add to make the process even more efficient, in my opinion.

Here’s the article, follow this set-up, generally speaking:…/premiere-pro-tutorial-pull-se…/

A lot of us Avid users (or editors with a lot of footage) will have a day of footage in a single sequence/timeline. This isn’t necessarily single camera clips. Often, it’s a multi-group. Or, there’s a cut of something that needs to be pulled from. Copying and Pasting is possible, but it’s slow.

After following the article’s steps, load the desired Sequence into the Source Monitor. Click on the Wrench icon > Open Sequence in timeline. This will allow you to “toggle” between the Source and Record timelines. The Source monitor and timeline is “ganged” with itself.

In the timeline on the Record monitor that material will be cut into, turn off the “Insert and overwrite sequences as nests or individual clips” button.

Insert/overwrite from the Source into the Record timeline as you would in Avid. The clips/cuts should appear in the main sequence you are cutting to as they look in your Source monitor sequence. Multi camera clips and no clips should appear as nests.

If there are any users that have run into an issue with this, if problems were found/created, or if you have anything positive to add, please feel free to comment!

Source: Premiere Pro Tutorial: Pull Selects Faster Than Ever!

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